Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of the world

End of the world, Judgement day, Apocalypse etc are fimilar words to every one. Countless movies, books and to that matter even songs have been written about the 'End of the World'. The word has been roaming about in the news lately as May 21st was supposed to be judgement day (Predicted by some American guy), but the world is still ticking guys. Ever wondered why humans are so worried about the end, how every body would be judged etc? Is it just an quintessence of man kinds nature of always looking into the future and never leaving in the present?

Lets examine it, Isn't it a basic nature of humans to worry about the future? Havn't we all worried whats going to happen 1, 2 , 5 or may be even 10 years into the future?  'Have to invest in this so that I can live comfortably after I retire' isn't this a common thought in our head? Or 'Forget the movie, I need to study to ace the exam and get a good job'. I know I might be over simplifying. But seriously all of us are worried about the future.

OK. So might be worrying about the future is basically a human nature, but why is it End of the world scenarios always so scary? Why is it always people dieing, earth getting flooded, or fire or stuff like that? Why can't Apocalypse be a happy day? Why can't it be like 1 fine morning everything in the world is good, there is food for everyone, no one ever dies etc etc. Why is Apocalypse always depicted as a real hard time?

Why is it that the bad always need to be punished for their crime? Why can't on this glorious new day of Judgement all criminals, terrorists, rapist etc see the light of their way and repent and redeem them-self? Why is Judgement day required? Why is it required to punish people and put them in eternal fires? Look at this scenario 'The father of a little girl is a robber, the child loves her father a lot, but on judgement day the father is condemned to the eternal fire while the child is sent to heaven, would that heaven actually be a heaven for her without her father?'

To any one reading the above lines and thinking its 'end of the world' is a western concept I would like to point that End of the world and judgement of man kind is there in each and every culture. Hindu culture says right now we are in Kali Yuga The last of the 4 ages (Yugs). If we look about each and every civilization talks about the end of the world. Why is it man cannot live without the fear?

So do I think end of world will never happen? Well I don't think there will be a judgement day or something like that. But I feel end of the world as we know can happen in many ways.

1) Nuclear War (World war 3): Terrorist get the nuclear bomb and blast it in Israel, Israel blames Pakistan, USA (and other European countries) support Israel and H-Bomb Pakistan, China rises to defend Pakistan and bombs the western world. Pakistan nukes India, Russia joins the party and behold we have our own human judgement day.
2) Asteroid hitting earth :  Well an Asteroid had taken down the mighty Tyrannosaurus and family, might be another one is waiting to say goodbye Homo-sapiens.
3) Nature : well in this category there are plenty of ways nature can bring judgement day. A super bug (virus or Bactria) resistant to all medicines get released onto man.  A major volcano blowing up covering the sky's for years with ash blocking sunlight. Global Warming changing worlds weather pattern causing crop loss and large scale starvation and death.

Now is this going to happen on 24th October 2011 (the new date predicted for end of the world) or 21 Dec 2012 (the end of Mayan Calender) I don't know. But I know if we live worrying about when we are going to die we are not living at all. (Point to wonder, You can die at this every moment reading this, but you didn't did you?)


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Hey Savio!!!!!!!! its wonderful, yes! this is want I had wished to read from your writings, its a beautiful thought,nice writing, keep writing .Your a writer now. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

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