Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hey Soul Sister, will miss you

Hey Soul Sister,
Leaving for your Mister
You will never  disappear,
Ever from my biosphere.

               An angel you are to me in disguise,
               Your maturity leaves me in suprise
               My every thoughts & dreams you know,
               No stronger bond could ever grow.

You are the best confidant I've ever had, 
To lose you would leave me mad
Never a convo where we didn’t fight,
But the fun part sister, We both think we're right.

               No words could ever describe my luck,
               To have you my sister, as my best schmuck
               In life’s troubles, tests and rainy days,
               My sunshine were you in so many ways.

But today, I concede to you day or night,
I wonder when I will again grace your sight
If God could just listen to my prayer, 
And give to you my every share.

- Savio

Love you sis, will miss you :*


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