Sunday, October 16, 2016

Someone, a.k.a. The One

Some told me there will be ‘One’,
One who would point me towards the Sun.
A person who would make me complete,
I wondered if their heads had melted in heat.

               First time I saw you, My heart just flew.
               My heart had healed, I just knew.
               Tell me girl, could this be true
               That I could need someone, like I need you

You came along and captured my heart,
Making difficult the time we spend apart.
I want to talk to you everyday,
And tell you these feelings are here to stay.

               These words that my heart has sowed,
               It took a while for me to decode.
               I promise to love you; every moment, forever,
               When all else crumbles, my love will never.

- Savio


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