Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to Santa for the gifts he has given me....,.

Yesterday 25th of December was the best christmas I have had in quite some time, My firends came home, had a hell lot of fun, had nice chats with my mom, something which we never really do these days. There wasn't any big gifts or party, it was just friends and family. But spending time with them itself is such a joy.

Looking back I feel, Man Savio!! you are such a lucky guy, you got a great family, great friends, earning pretty nicely yet man why aren't you happy??

Well people say happiness is a relative concept, I guess when a guy from the street looks into my life he will say I am a real lucky guy, but when I look into a guys life who lives a HI-FI life I might say what a lucky guy he is.

Guess its Human nature never to be really satisfied with what we have, we always need to chase something what we don't have.

Well am sure I can't change myself so  fast, and only try to live in the present, but for today at this time I really want to thank GOD for the wonderful life he has given me starting from

1) My Parents
ya its true they get on my nerves, but hey, they are the best parents I would ever wish for. Love you Dad & MOM

2) My Sisters
two great sisters any guy can wish for, two greatest companions who pampered me like hell, who really cares a hell lot about me. I love you chech.

My little bundle of joy, How much ever far i am, Niya is never out of my head, Just thinking about of her makes my day shine, Her cute voice is something I love to hear even if I don't understand half the things she says.

4) My Cousins
OK!! Not all of them, some of my cousins I wish were never born, but the ones I love, I really love them a lot. and ya if it weren't for the others who get on my nerves I would really appreciate the good ones, So I am thankful for them all.

5) My Friends
True, I feel lonely sometimes, but i got a set of real friends who have brought a hell lot of joy to my life.

6) My Education
how much ever I have complained about my education and the education system, the trouble I have given to my mom for sending me to school, for forcing me into engineering. Whatever you say, this 20 years of education has a hell lot to do with what kind of person I am now.

7) My Country
People really complain about the pathetic state of affairs in India, so I will leave the complaining to them, I just want to say, I wouldn't ever be want to be born in another country than my very own INDIA

so hey GOD, this is just a small list of the many things i have received in my life, I am really thankful for them all,

But heck you know I am a normal Human, am sure you will catch me complaining about something tomorrow, might be even just 10 mins from now, I will be asking you for more stuff, you know how I am right!!

But for now thanks for all the good things in my life.


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lovely article savio. loved it :)

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