Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alone in the City : Diary entry 1

Just more than a week back I have been granted a republic status (read). So whats the status of the republic now? Has it disintegrated into a anarchy?

Well not really, house is still standing, I guess someone who comes here will say that the quality (read cleanliness) of the house has gone down a bit, epically someone who comes in on Saturday. The fact is, mom used to clean the house everyday, but I have designated Sundays as cleaning day.

The good part about this is that I don't spend time cleaning everyday. (not that I have time, go to office and come back, its day over) Bad part about it is that on Sunday half the day I am spending cleaning the house. Dusting, washing etc. I always used to think mom is exaggerating whenever she would say "where ever I turn in this house, I find some work", but I have just found out it is true, Go to Kichen, you find dishes to wash or to cook for your meal, go to hall you find something to clean, bed-room clothes to pick up and out away."
Mom!! thank you for making my life so simple and easy for the last 24 years, I LOVE YOU Mom!!"

Food: Believe me its a big drainer on the pocket, from my calculation I am almost spending Rs.150 daily on food. Below is for anyone wondering what I am eating now a days.
Breakfast:mostly Bread Omelet, Sometimes I buy phoha (Rs 8 just outside office), once I even made upmav. {Am looking for ideas how to bring more variety, any suggestion please post}
Lunch: Always outside at some hotel (main chunk of money is spend here)
Dinner: If I can get out of office at a reasonable time I cook myself (for all those their who have disbelief written over their face, Yes I COOK!). Have cooked chicken biryani, but mostly its some curry and rice for supper.

[Why is it hard for people to believe I cook? no one believes me the first time I tell them, someone please answer this question]

I used to think living alone would be fun, well really till now its has been no fun, house is empty, no one to talk after you reach home (before sometimes I used to feel their is too much noise in the house, now the silence is depressing.) I have always been allowed to come and go any time I want, so its not that I got some new freedom, so basically I haven't found the fun yet. Living alone feels like more work than fun, I feel as if I work more on Sundays at home than I do in office during weekdays, :(

Anyway will keep you guys updated,


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