Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Promises are meant to be Broken

"Papa!Papa! You promised you would buy me the cycle", "Mummy you promised me you would bake that chocolate cake for me", "Dude, You promised me I would get the first chance to copy your assignment"
How many times we have had promises made to us broken, broken our trust in people, Hurt us real bad! How many times?? Its a part of living in this civilized society, Making promises and making them are kind of in build in us I kind of say.

Even we make promises everyday, promises to ourself like "I won't touch another drink ever" broken the very next weekend, Or the promises to our dear one "Darling, I promise you that I will buy that necklace for you",  Or to our Boss "Sure Sir! This project will get over in 2 days, don't you worry". Normal part and parcel of our daily lives..

Isn't it? Getting our trust broken by the people we care most about, one of the hardest things to face in life. A bruised knee, a cut in the elbow all can get healed, but a break in trust really takes a hell lot of effort to heal and sometimes never ever heals completely..

But say what may, Promises are broken by each and everyone of us, Guess thats why its become a saying in this modern world

Promises are meant to be Broken

Again like in my last story I want to say thanks to all those who have encoraged me. Gourav Salanke, Kavitha Nair, Jovina, Lovina, Nitu to name a few. I want to tell thanks to all others who after reading my first story have really encouraged me to write more. Thank you!! I hope you guys enjoy reading this also, and like always I will be waiting for your feedback and comments.

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shashank said...

In modern world people dont take true pride in what they say or what they do, being unaware of the fact that what you say and what you do gives you the real identity.

Those who are aware of this fact, and proud enough to care about who they are and will become, will never promise you something that is meant to be broken.

Unknown said...

It is true that in today's world pride, truth and honesty have become very scarce. It is partly because these very basic principles are broken at an early age of childhood or teen years by the very people they are surrounded by.
All is not lost though. There are still few people left on Earth who are true to their words. It all starts with "us". We need to have these qualities first. Be the beacon in the darkness and there will surely be people who will follow you. :)

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