Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts about Swine Flu

Swine Flu!!
Hysteria I tell you, man its just another virus, one of the numerous roaming around in our planet, its just that its more lethal than others, Ok! but how is the reaction to it??

The government orders the close down of schools and colleges, movies and multiplexes for 3 days??

3 days? what the hell is that count? no virus dies out in 3 days?

But hell whats this big fuss about, no schools no colleges?? good the students get a break, afterall schools and colleges don't really do much for the kids,

Malls and multiplexes closed?? entertainment goes down the drain, and the people working there are effected.

reason they have given is to prevent the spread of the virus(H1N1) so stop people from coming together in large nos
Well!! hello Mr. Government, have you noticed the public transport system in Mumbai? people travel so packed together that the stain on the person standing next to you makes a good impression on your shirt. what more does a virus want, how much more closer can people be, and that too in large nos,

any virus that wants to infect all of Mumbai just needs to board a local train,

Now the people, hysteria I say, mask, handkerchiefs etc, its very interesting to watch them, they will be covering their face with their hankie but will remove the hankie to talk (you know how much Indians talk, don't you) so practically more than they cover their face the handkerchief will be off their face,

I saw a even more funny site, a man has covered his face, he removes the handkerchief to spit, and then covers up his face again, man if we could teach these people about hygiene.

sometimes I wonder if this swine flu thing is a way of revenge the swines are taking on us for enjoying their Delicious brothers?? any thoughts guys?


Mary J said...

hahhahha truly enjoyed reading it.. u ought to send a copy to sum paper

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