Saturday, August 29, 2009

Infatuation, the next step after admiration!!

Beauty in Nature has many forms, Admiration of beauty is a good thing, cause if we don't admire beauty whats use of something being so beautiful??

Hills and valleys of Kashmir, Sun rise at the beaches of Goa, smell of a rose, taste of chocolate, all are so beautiful in their own way, aren't they? so its a good thing that we appreciate that right??

What about admiring the beautiful girls? GOD made them beautiful, so we look at them, admire them, whats wrong in it?

Beautiful girls are all around you, and ofcourse you look at them, then later why do people blame you when all you are doing is admiring the beauty of gods creation???

Infatuation is what happens when the admiration turns to attraction, and tongue tied is what you become when you are unable to speak normally to that girl (you are not in love, love only happens when you have completely know a person, admiring someone from behind is not love)

Why am I writing this? well simple, I have been admiring a beautiful girl for sometime now, but never getting the guts to go and talk to her and ask her out.

why? am I in love??NOPE, I don't think so, have never really had a good convo with her, I guess I am infatuated with her, and a big crush...that's all

dam!! first time I am unable to go upto a girl and talk to her, feeling rather kiddish just admiring her :(

any suggestions guys how do I get her to Notice me?


Mary J said...

"admiring someone from behind is not love"
It mite help u being labled as a jackass :)
.. suggest- look at face

Mary J said...

& btw!!.. who is she??? whts the point of me being ur best friend! U've never told me abt her!!! :( :(

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