Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 2010 Kerala trip - Grandmom's 90th Birthday

"90, that’s how old your grand mom is going to be this year, We going to Kerala for her birthday" this was what my dad told me when I came to know that he has booked tickets to Kerala without even asking me if I wanted to come, and to tell you the truth I was pissed off, Did I want to waste my holidays going to Kerala smiling at my relatives or would I prefer to go to some other place like Ladhak or Kashmir, I would have chosen the later.

So with not a great mood, that’s letting my parents know that I am being dragged on this trip against my will my trip to Kerala starts with the trip to the airport, A non interesting flight to Cochin and a drive to my native place: Pala. 

Man its hot, have never been to Kerala when’s so hot, people are saying this is the hottest march ever, I wonder how may is going to be there

Now the trip starts getting better, with aunts and uncles asking how long it has been since we saw you, you have changed etc, you know the usual dialogues.

I feel if I had got 10 Bucks for every time I heard one of these statements the trip to Kerala would have paid for itself.
1) How long since I saw you
2) You have become fat
3) So working, now next your marriage (seriously, I people can't think of anything else?)
4) You look just like your dad now (I am committing suicide)

Saw my grand mom, 90 great age, but I don't want to live so long if I will end up like her, frail and weak depending on others for everything, and I literally mean everything, She doesn't even recognize my Dad forget me.

Went through the fields, the places I used to run and play when I was a child, Man! the memories I miss those days, Summer holidays in Kerala, Playing in the fields, swimming in the stream, having sweets from Uncles, great food grand mom used to cook, bedtime stories, those were really fun days, The memories coming back really made me nostalgic.

Next day went to my moms place, met my granddad, stayed at our house there, It seems a cat had jumped into the well and died, so it was taken out and all the water was pumped out to clean out the water, But I was just thinking we pumped out so much water just cause a cat jumped into it, what about all the water we drink in Mumbai, wonder what all has died in it.

This night it rained in Kerala, now it felt like a Kerala I know, heat reduced, humidity in the air, everything wet and damp, power gone cause some tree fell over a power line, this is the Kerala I know, We celebrated grandma’s birthday this evening, had fun with all the uncles aunties and cousins, missed a few of them who couldn't make it.

Climbed a guava tree and plucked its fruit, long time since I have climbed anything apart from my building staircase, was fun :) 

Returning to Mumbai, now I wonder why I made the fuss about going to Kerala, It was not at all a waste of my holidays, I really had fun. Wondering now when will I be going next time.


Geethu said...

have no idea how many times I have read this one :D ( winks at the third and fourth point)

Savio said...

Lol Geethu!! No comments from me

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